Vuka Africa Holdings is interested in investing directly in medium to large quality established businesses that offer:

  • A meaningful and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Real growth and a track record of performance
  • A strong and aligned management team
  • Meaningful growth prospects in South Africa
  • Opportunities to expand to the rest of Africa and globally
  • A willingness to build genuine partnerships based on mutual respect and a common vision


Active partnership for exceptional growth:

The cornerstone of our business is to forge strong long-term alliances with founders, management teams and co-investors to drive strategic and operational excellence and ultimately to create tangible value for all our stakeholders. The ability to inject our own capital into the businesses, our active board participation and regular and deep engagement with management teams, our ability to find opportunity driven acquisitions and to facilitate value-adding interactions between our portfolio companies are testament to our ongoing commitment to drive value.

Vuka Africa Holdings is committed to assist and to be part of making young people’s dreams come true.
Vuka Africa Consulting Engineers which forms part of the group recently awarded Livhalani Nehulani , who matriculated in 2015 at S.G Mafaesa Secondary School in Kagiso, Mogale City, a bursary which enables her to study Civil Engineering at The University of Witwatersrand.
Livhalani was overwhelmed and said: “I am grateful and happy that Vuka Africa Consulting Engineers chose me, as both my parents are unemployed and have financial difficulties to face daily. Thank you Vuka Africa for awarding me this sponsorship, I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goals ….Thank you”
Livhalani’s Mother, could not find words to express her appreciation and had the following to say: “The bursary has taken my stress away and filled my soul with appreciation as I simply did not have money to pay for my child’s education. I am delighted and happy, it’s every mother’s dream to see her child being equipped with knowledge and wisdom for future sustainability. Vuka Africa, you have made the difference in our lives. I am thankful and wish God grants strength to continue giving a hand to the disadvantaged. Thank you.”