Vuka Africa Holdings was founded in 2014 as a black-owned investment holding company by Harry Mtshweni. It is invested in a diverse portfolio of companies, with key holdings in the resources, engineering, property and alternative energy industries. Vuka Africa Holdings is also invested in industrial and manufacturing sectors. The group has investments in South Africa and is now expanding their business into international markets that is incorporated in its strategic plan in the approach to global expansion.

The company’s investment philosophy rests on partnering with multicultural firms that have a history of delivering profitable earnings and capable management teams that embrace transformation.


Vuka Africa Holdings has developed a growth strategy that consists of three phases:

  • They often commence as a purely financial investor seeking opportunities for capital formation and cash generation.
  • They gradually acquire operating skills with a view to achieving significant influence

    in selected businesses.

  • They acquire equity and operational control of entities that are regarded as long term core investments.

Our stakeholder view conception influences the organization’s corporate governance policy in which we respond to the need of corporate social responsibility both within and outside its :

  • Respect for the environment
  • Compliant with restrictions of employment
  • Development of people through continuous improvement
  • Register and affiliate with relevant organizations and professional bodies
  • Respect for local and international laws
  • Conduct ethical business on a win-win basis


The ‘Principles for Responsible’ investment are adopted and practiced from the shareholders level to the Board of Directors, to the Executives and to the Employees as mandated by the United Nations initiative.

The Harry Mtshweni Foundation

Vuka Africa Holdings has been active in social responsibility initiatives from its inception, aiming to achieve permanent beneficial impacts on communities.

The key focus areas are support for education, health care, women, nation building and leadership excellence.

In 2014 Vuka Africa Holdings launched the Harry Mtshweni Foundation and made a commitment to spend a considerable amount of its profits towards corporate social investments. The Foundation has a number of existing projects through which they improve and touch the lives of fellow South Africans.

The foundation has an obligation to the society in which it operates its corporate social responsibility strategic plan and objective Is predicated on the concept of corporate accountability.